The consultancy is built on a foundation of cultural change analysis, strategy, sustainability, communication and intelligent trend forecast


Define what you know today and how to focus on tomorrow

  • Strategy roadmaps
  • Brand strategy

Sustainability and transparency

Fit in the future through a bespoke strategy towards sustainability

  • Sustainability roadmap
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Communication tools
  • Transparency tools

Futures intelligence and innovation

Identify intelligent futures, understand external forces and audiences that affect your business

  • Trend and consumer intelligence
  • Consumer insight
  • Innovation research, analysis and report
  • Innovation roadmap


Empowering strategies and designing projects at a human scale to boost urban revitalization, innovative uses and green projects in our cities

  • Participatory cities
  • Place branding and experience
  • Urban revitalization plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Retail and empty spaces

Working with us


Main clients are private business, settled brands, new brands, institutions, cities and public bodies


Collaborations are key to some projects. We set up teams to create digital expressions, content and to guide brands to honestly and effectively communicate and share their stories online and in-store.

These are some of the talented people we use to collaborate with:
Graphic Designer Marc Monguilod, Photographer Jara Varela, Visual Communicator Pol Solsona or Space, object and Set designer Santi Guerrero